Tapping Your Talent Tank

If you have never looked into a mirror, this will help you face the truth and reality about yourself.
— Saloua Agenay, EMC


Many people possess under developed talents. Left untapped, such talent seldom sees the light of day, resulting in the owner leading an unfulfilled life

From a company perspective the impact on employee motivation and engagement can be significant

Program Description

This program introduces the concept of everyone having an imaginary tank of talent that they can share with those around them. Through fun exercises and interaction with each other participants are able to discover the contents of their tank.

The importance of discovering what's in your tank is stressed throughout the program. Chris talks about the responsibility we all have to discover our talents and share them with the world. Employers who help their employees do this will have a more motivated, higher performing and more productive work force. 

There are only two really sad things in life: people who never get to discover what's in their tank and people who die before their tank is empty.

Discovering what's in your talent tank is a vital step in fulfilling your potential. 

Audience Take-Away

Participants leave this program with an understanding of how the world sees them and what their (potentially latent) talents are. They will have a simple tool for double-checking their impact on those around them.

Employers will benefit through having a more self-aware, motivated and productive work force.