Why BORRING Business is Better Business

Chris crafted his presentation so brilliantly I was able to repeat all of his key points to my colleagues who missed the event. Even several weeks later I was able to recall 95% of the content.
— Martin Laschkolnig, Institute fuer Potentialentwicklung


The poor quality of the average business presentation leads to audiences disengaging from the speaker 

Disengaged audiences no longer listen and consequently, don't remember any of the key messages

This program gives you a way to fix these problems

Program Description

Many people involved in business classify themselves as having excellent communications skills. This is particularly true of those working in related disciplines of sales and marketing. They are adept at qualifying opportunities, building rapport, asking searching questions and helping define solutions.

Essential that these skills are, they are seldom enough to win the day. At some point a proposal has to be presented to the customer. Too often these fail to win the business. Too many business propositions fail because audiences are bored to distraction. They have lost the will to recover something from the wreck of the presentation they've just witnessed. All they know is that the presenter did not respect them enough to prepare properly.  

The average business presentation is so bad audience members are hard-pushed to recall more than 10% of what they heard 

This program uses real advertising and sales materials to demonstrate the common problems companies experience communicating with individual customers and with chosen markets in general.

Participants also experience the simplicity and power of Chris Davidson's unique BORRING model for creating highly memorable and effective presentations.

The BORRING model sky-rockets audience retention rates to over 90% - as is demonstrated during the program

The BORRING model works exceptionally well for companies selling complex products or services, or for companies who operate in complex markets. Although the examples used tend to be from a sales or marketing environment, the model works equally well for people working in other professions, such as engineers, architects, scientists, etc.

Audience Take Away

Participants leave having experienced a new way to deliver highly memorable and successful presentations. Applied effectively, the BORRING model can revolutionize sales conversion ratios, helping you produce more turnover from your existing sales pipeline.